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“About 15 years ago I was struggling both at home and in my career with the feeling of overwhelm. It consumed my energy and my creativity. It left me needing to take a brief leave of absence.

During this time, I discovered the transformative power of Hypnosis. As if by magic, in just a short time, I learned skills and applied strategies that led to a greater sense of calm and an awareness that I had a choice about how I want to respond to anything.
Not only was I feeling more composed, but I discovered that I could choose my mood to impact the flow of my day.

It was surprising to realise that getting out of my own way could be so liberating! I no longer felt like a leaf tossed in the wind. I became more grounded and outcome oriented. If I had continued to play small, I never would have discovered my true potential. Finally, with Hypnosis, I began to thrive.

I continue to use Hypnosis and NLP, to this day, to enhance my relationships, to maintain my health and fitness goals and to curate the life I want to live. Who knew that a seed planted so long ago would flourish into a satisfying life of teaching, learning and supporting people with their own transformation?”

At Erin Mills Hypnosis, our Mission is to foster growth, facilitate lasting change and guide individuals to discover their true potential.

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Weight Loss

With Hypnosis, prioritising permanent lifestyle change is easy and it will result in a healthier, happier you!

Stop Smoking

Replace what you think you are getting from smoking, with useful strategies that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Stress Management

Hypnosis helps us to discover acceptance about the limits of our control and to reframe our perspective.